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WiMM means "Where is My Message" and is the translation of "Onde está Minha Mensagem" in Portuguese, and the app means "Application".
For you to send photo and video messages and determine where in the world your message can be opened.
Yes, you can send your messages to just one person or more.
You find WiMMapp for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. But you may also check your messages via website on any computer or tablet.
Private and Public Messages.

By default messages are private and show a red shade below them on the map. But we give you the option to enable the message to be public, then anyone who is at the address where you left it can see the content. Public messages have a blue shade underneath it.
In the message creation screen, simply enable the "Public Message" option.
WiMMapp enables you to send your messages directly through it or through social applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, iMessage, SMS and many others.
You can invite the person through the "Friends" option in your app. But you can also send your message directly to that person, even if (s)he does not have the app installed. Just do not select anyone on your friends list and click send, after that we'll ask you how you want to send the message and to whom. Virtually your message can be sent to any media or social application.
You can invite the person through the "Friends" option in your app, where you have the option to invite through Facebook or email. Simply click on the symbol containing the option +.
On the right side of your screen there is an option that allows you to set the distance at which the public message will be displayed to you. Simply slide up or down to set the distance.
Remember that your map will display only messages that have been sent to you or public messages around you. However, the maximum limit for a public message is 30km to 200km (depending on your type of user). Messages that are above that distance will not be displayed.
The username is the name displayed in your messages on the map, which will also allowing other people to see the places in the world where you left your messages. For example, if your username is "Ivo", when accessing www.wimmapp.com/ivo you can see all public messages that you spread around. At first this option is only available for corporate clients, but keep an eye open, at any time we will open the registration for users.

Important note if you are not a company, a band, an artist, etc, avoid registering publicly known names. They will be reserved for those who already use the name in the market, and if you register it, you may lose the right to use it, and without notice. This is one way we take to respect these brands in the market and prevent the name from being misused.
Each message you send gives you 1 point, and each message you open gives you 2 points. Keep an eye open, you can soon exchange your points for features and prizes.
Each PIN is a message, and it can be from a user or a company. Users' PINs display their picture, companies' PINs their trademark.
In iOS and Android version, just flip your phone upside down, now on the Windows Phone version, just check the top of your screen, there you will find sent and received messages.
Most of times yes, but companies have the benefit of choosing how far from you their messages will be displayed. It is important to point out that in some campaigns, the company can send messages to only a few users and privately.
Access the URL www.wimmapp.com, enter with your username and password, and go to the "Profile" option. There you will find the option to change the password. As to the picture it can be changed there, or also in the "Profile" option on your phone.
In principle your message is not deleted unless you do it, or that for some reason it is denounced for illegal content. To delete it, just go to your sent messages, identify it and delete it. Keep an eye open, this policy may change at any time and without notice.
By clicking on the friends option on your phone, the list will be displayed by scoring order, that is, the friend with the most points will appear in the first place and who has less in the last.
It is the option that lets you choose who to send the message to directly from the app. It shows the people you send more messages to and it is a way to facilitate the sending of messages.
On the screen that displays the map, click on new message, and from there you have two options:
  1. In the search bar, which is at the top of your screen, enter the full address and it will appear for you. Just click on it and we will include the message PIN in the correct location, then just click on "continue" and create your message.
  2. You can also browse the map and simply click on the desired location, then click on "continue".
Videos can be no longer than 15 seconds, and after recording, if you want, you can even select which video excerpt to send.
Messages can be sent faster in Wi-Fi networks and have a further delay in 3G and 4G networks, note that the quality of your signal is also an important factor.

To be sure that your message was sent, check on sent messages ;)
After sending a message the application will present you the option "Share with Social Media", just click that option and choose which media you want to use.

For sharing a received message, after you have opened the message, click the "Share" icon and choose which social media ;)
When you open the message there is an icon that allows you to make the complaint of this message, it is represented by an exclamation mark inside a circle. Just click on it and report, later our staff will check and take appropriate action.
This icon allows you to show who sent the message that you really liked it.
Just open and click on the "Comments" icon. Thus the author of the message shall be notified that it was commented.
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Usually errors, when they occur, are automatically sent to our technical team. However, we will be very happy to receive an email from you informing on errors or security problems found. If you want to suggest improvements, we're also super open to it, and more, if your suggestion is implemented, you will gain for it! The same will occur for reported security flaws.